Kung fu Kendra Home Workout

The Home Workout will get you into the best shape of your life. 

Learn 7 different module exercises:

- Warmup

- Abs Workout

- Push ups

- Cardio

- Combined Cardio

- Cool Down

- Stretching

Kung fu Kendra Fitness Audios

Enjoy 3 Fitness Audio Workouts that can be done from home or work. No equipment required. Get into incredible shape the SIMPLE way:

- Morning Power Up mp3 Audio Track

- Afternoon Refresh mp3 Audio Track

- Evening Wind Down mp3 Audio Track

Kung fu Kendra Abs

The  Custom Workout is designed for those who are looking for a customized workout with Kung fu Kendra.  Reach all of your unique fitness goals and have the specific guidance you need along the way. 

Kung Fu Kendra Abs for Women

The Complete Abs Workout Program:

Learn 7 different module exercises:

- Upper Abs

- Middle Abs

- Lower Abs

- Obliques

- Lower Back

- Cardio

- Stretching

Kung fu Kendra Abs

Guess what? You already have a six pack, you just can't see it yet. This 20 minute, 12 exercises fitness program is designed just for men that will help improve posture, athletic ability, confidence and more.

Zoom Video Fitness Training with Kung fu Kendra

Zoom Video Fitness Training with Kung fu Kendra:

- One on One Personal Training

- Done from Work, Home or Anywhere!

- Guided Instruction

- Personalized Workouts

- Work at your Own Pace

- Fast Results