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Have you been struggling to stay fit while at home?

I was just like you.  I was always wondering - how can I get an effective workout from home and that's why I've developed the Home Workout.

It's a step by step blueprint that you can do from home.

Hi, I'm trainer Kendra.

And I am two gold stripe Black Belt professional and Elite fitness trainer.

I have over 17 years experience in martial arts and fitness training and my Sifu, Brian Lewadny, was taught by world class Ip Man - the same teacher who taught Bruce Lee.

This seven video program that I've created called the Home Workout will get you into the incredible shape.

The program features seven instructional video modules that you can either watch online (on any device) or download to a computer to watch on any device.

Module 1 - Warmup

- Warms up muscles

- Stretches muscles

- Warms up joints

- Increases heart rate

- Prepares body for workout

Module 2 - Abs Workout

- Develop core strength

- Learn proper form

- Work many muscle groups

- Learn micro crunching

- Get ripped fast

Module 3 - Push Ups

- Develop upper body strength

- Build core strength

- Learn to lift your body weight

- Get stronger

- Excellent cardio

Module 4 - Cardio

- Learn basic punches and kicks

- Burn fat and calories

- Learn basic self-defense

- Get your heart rate up!

- Develop coordination

Module 5 - Combined Cardio

- Full body workout

- Combines Abs, strength and cardio

- Easily done in a small space

- Burns fat

- Works lungs and heart

​Module 6 - Cool Down

- Cools down muscles

- Stretches muscles

- Warms up joints

- Increases heart rate

- Prepares body for rest

Module 7 - Stretching

- Lengthens muscles

- Restores muscles

- Promotes energy flow

- Avoids injury and soreness

- Prepares you for movement

Here's what people are saying about my training:

Physical health requires a personal commitment to being proactive - Kendra is a quintessential example.”

Hap Klopp

- CEO and Founder of The North Face

She is a level nine Black Belt Kung fu professional that will seriously kick start you into shape.

W. Brett Wilson

- Investor on Dragon's Den

Kendra is in the top of her field as a professional black belt martial artist, expert fitness trainer and top athlete - her fitness training is the best investment you can make for your health.

Marcus Glover

- Developer of McDonald’s advertising campaign: ‘I’m lovin’ it’

A typical fitness workout with me (one on one) would normally cost you over $1000, but I have created the Home Workout Program.

It is a fraction of that price - for only $37!  If you do the home workout and you're not satisfied, you're not getting the results you need, or you just do not like the workout in general - I guarantee your money back.

Use the program for 60 days. I am taking all the risk and will refund you completely so there's no risk for you.  This low price won't last forever, so I recommend you act now.

So click the link below and get my 7 video home workout program now!



Isn't it time you quit struggling with trying to get fit, stay healthy and look sexy?

Well, there's an easier way.

Let me show you how.

So go ahead and click the link and invest in your health and fitness now.