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Kung fu Kendra Home Workout

The Home Workout will get you into the best shape of your life. 

Learn 7 different module exercises:

- Warmup

- Abs Workout

- Push ups

- Cardio

- Combined Cardio

- Cool Down

- Stretching

Kung fu Kendra Fitness Audios

Enjoy 3 Fitness Audio Workouts that can be done from home or work. No equipment required. Get into incredible shape the SIMPLE way:

- Morning Power Up mp3 Audio Track

- Afternoon Refresh mp3 Audio Track

- Evening Wind Down mp3 Audio Track

Kung fu Kendra Abs

The  Custom Workout is designed for those who are looking for a customized workout with Kung fu Kendra.  Reach all of your unique fitness goals and have the specific guidance you need along the way. 

Kung Fu Kendra complete-abs-workout

The Complete Abs Workout Program:

Learn 7 different module exercises:

- Upper Abs

- Middle Abs

- Lower Abs

- Obliques

- Lower Back

- Cardio

- Stretching

Zoom Video Fitness Training with Kung fu Kendra

Zoom Video Fitness Training with Kung fu Kendra:

- One on One Personal Training

- Done from Work, Home or Anywhere!

- Guided Instruction

- Personalized Workouts

- Work at your Own Pace

- Fast Results