Abs for Women

Abs for Women | Kung fu Kendra

Are you looking for a complete abs workout program that you can do from the comfort of your own home?

Get the healthy, fit abs you've always wanted.

7 Modules

Module 1 - Upper Abs

Module 2 - Middle Abs

Module 3 - Lower Abs

Module 4 - Obliques

Module 5 - Lower Back

Module 6 - Cardio

Module 7 - Stretching



Kendra defies tradition and norms. She is a professional Black Belt martial artist whose work and positive energy is contagious and beneficial to all people she reaches."

Armen Orujyan

- Former Advisor at Facebook App

Kendra is a professional Black Belt martial artist and expert fitness trainer whose dedication and enthusiasm is an inspiration for anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness level.

Scott Jordan

- CEO and Founder of ScotteVest